Baileys Trails Celebration Event – 1:00 PM Thursday, July 29, 2021

Join us this Thursday, July 29th at 1:00 PM at the Chauncey-Dover Park Trailhead for a Celebration of the State of Ohio’s recently-passed $2 million investment in the Baileys Trail System. The event will welcome several Ohio Legislative Representatives and Senators. Please come out and show them how much this funding means to the local community.  Refreshments will be provided, along with performances by local musicians Benya Stewart and Brother Hill.
Congratulations to ALL for the $2 million State of Ohio investment in the Baileys Trail System! This investment will go a long way toward building out the additional miles of the trail system. Every single advocate and supporter of this project in our region has helped to make this possible. Thank you!
Attached is an invitation to the Outdoor Recreation Council of Appalachia’s (ORCA) Celebration of the State of Ohio’s investment in the Baileys Trail System. The celebration will take place 1:00 PM Thursday, July 29th at the Chauncey-Dover Park Trailhead. Please share this invitation far and wide with family, friends, and other trail advocates. The Chauncey-Dover Park Trailhead is located at 8433 W. Bailey Road in the Village of Chauncey. You can use this Google Maps link to navigate to the park.
A large crowd will signify the importance of this regional investment! Let’s come out to show our appreciation! We hope this is only the beginning of significant regional investments.
“I’m looking forward to the completion of Baileys Trail System in Athens County,” Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said. “With miles and miles to explore, southeast Ohio will have another family-friendly and adventure-worthy destination for visitors. I expect this trail will encourage growth for the region and invite more people to our state.”
State Sen. Bob Peterson led the effort in the Senate to secure support for the project, one of the largest State of Ohio investments ever in outdoor recreation and tourism. “I was proud to support funding for the Bailey’s Bike Trail Project in Athens County,” said Peterson. “The enhancements to the trail will create a tourism destination with economic benefits and quality recreational opportunities for Athens and all of southern Ohio. As a farmer, I appreciate and value the beauty of nature, and this trail project will enable hikers, bikers, walkers, runners, and others to experience the beauty and majesty of the great outdoors.” – State Senator Bob Peterson
ORCA Executive Director Jessie Powers said: “State of Ohio support for our sustainable outdoor recreation development efforts is an honor, one that signifies the value of Baileys Trail System, and how strategic state and local government investments can equip rural communities with tools to improve economies, health, the environment and Ohio’s vibrancy.”
Baileys Trails Celebration flyer
Baileys Trails Celebration flyer